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According to official data of the World Health Organization, 10 % of the population has some form of disability. There is no official register on children with disability in Montenegro, but according to the WHO statistics, it is estimated that there are approximately 20000 of them with some form of developmental disability, and 7 000 do 10 000 of them severely disabled.
The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child was adopted in 1989, and its Article 23 states: The child with disability is entitled to health care services, rehabilitation services, education and training preparation for employment in a manner that shall ensure a full and decent life and the fullest possible social integration and individual development.

In the real life, attitude towards children with disability is prejudiced, information and knowledge about them is inadequate and so is the legislation on education and health and social protection.

In order to focus the attention of the public to our children and help them exercise the rights they are entitled to by birth, we founded the organization „Zračak nade” – The Ray of Hope.

Association of Parents of children with disability The Ray of Hope is a NGO founded on February 1, 2002, activities of which are aimed at improving the position of children and young people with disability and their integration in the society. The Association advocates the social model of disability and its stance is that children with disability should be given chances for growing up equal to those of other children, so when they grow up they would join social, political, economic and other spheres of life equally.

Currently, the Association is comprised of 100 members, parents of children with cerebral palsy, RPM, autism, epilepsy, muscular dystrophy and other developmental disorders. We are the member of the network of associations of parents of children with disability at the level of Montenegro – The Our Initiative.

Objectives of the Association:
To have an effect influence on community’s taking correct stances as regards the needs, rights and abilities of the children with disability, To have an effect on educational, health and social security system, on elimination of discriminatory practice towards children with disability and their families, To initiate projects that shall educate and make parents capable of work with children with disability.

The Association’s Mission:
Socialization and integration of children with disability into all the spheres of the society, Promotion of equal opportunities and full participation of children with disability in social environment.

The Association’s Vision:
- Democratic society in which inclusion is going to be realised.

Values which represent are: team's work, tolerance, respect of difference and openness for new experience and knowledge.



Dujovic Svetlana, president of the association
Osmankadic Sehada, secretary of the association


Sljivancanin Snezana, president of the administrative committee
Lončar Stanica, member of the administrative committee
Iric Zorica, member of the administrative committee
Gavrilovic Dara, member of the administrative committee
Zindovic Svetlana, member of the administrative committee


Dragas Desanka, special education teacher

Zindovic Svetlana, special education teacher
Aranitovic Milorad Bato, working therapist
Damjanovic Dubravka, working therapist
Crnogarac Nenadic Mila, psychologist

Vukojičić Sanja - physiotherapist

Sekulović Sandra - physiotherapist

Brahic Indira, Kindergarten teacher

Marjanovic Mila, teacher

Hamzic Azra, psychologist



The sun shines equally to everyone
I want my rights too.
I have my dreams and
I like a challenge.

I want to play and
I want to laugh too
If you give me your hand

I can do anything.

Children’s rights are all the same
Everyone should know that
Give me your hand of friendship
I will give you my heart.

I am not a child from the other planet.
I am a child as every other child is.

And I fight for that right of mine
And I deserve to have what belongs to me.

I deserve my piece of sky
A gentle word for all of us,
That’s a little thing
We are asking you for.




Dr. Sanja Vasic-physiotherapist

“ The ray of hope” is a unique organization in our area because of its very rare virtues of experience and efficiency.  The best proof of this is the activities they have developed and currently offer, the inventory of toys they have gathered, and the team work and knowledge they have developed.  All of the investments in this organization were used for a good purpose and will continue to be used in the future.
All the partners that have been cooperating with “ The ray of hope” have a trust in knowing their investments and expectations about mutual future projects will be totally respected and honoured.  Thank you “ The ray of hope “ as you are not just the light in the darkness of your children but also to the wider social community that needs these examples of your reliability, transparence and honorable committment to each other as well as to your business partners.

The chief of staff in the hospital, Dr.Veselinka Jecmenica, pediatrican-neonatologist

“The ray of hope” has deepened the conscience of us who are parents, professional trained people, fellow townsmen, and anyone who one day may find themselves in the same game with the same problem.
“The ray of hope” has impressed and warned us not to close our eyes to the large number of  children with a permanent handicap.
“ The ray of hope” is an organization that has lightened the burden of many families.  "The ray of hope" is like a  “road sign” for COMMON SENSE and WILL POWER it is simply THE RAY OF HOPE, well known by its activities and service to the people of our town at our pride and the pride of people gathered around it.

Dr.Amra Strujic, pediatrican

It is difficult to express to all the people gathered around the respect for “The ray of hope” in just a few sentences.  Only those who have followed their work know how much persistence, enthusiasm, and unselfish support was needed to be where they are today.  They opened the door to all children with a handicap and helped them become an equal part of the community they live in.  Their service assists in rehabilitation, faster socialization, as well as enabling them to become members of the community. Now there is no doubt that children with a permanent handicap live with us not beside us.